Stitch On A Path In Photoshop

In this tutorial im going to show you how easy it is to stitch on a path,
you can either stitch around a shape, text or anything else you want.

I am using PSCS3 but you could probably do this in most versions.

First we need a stitch brush, we are going to create a basic straight stitch for this tutorial.
File>New, create a new image 200x200 Pixels, 300dpi with a transparent background.
Click and hold on your shape tool and choose the Rounded Rectangle Tool, adjust the radius in the tool bar at the top to 40px and make sure fill pixels is selected.

Choose black as your foreground colour then draw out a rectangle on your canvas.

Edit>Define Brush Preset a box will pop up, give your new stitch a name (i put straight stitch 1) then press ok.
Ok now we have made our stitch brush its time to stitch around a shape.
File>New create a new image 800x800 pixels 300dpi with a transparent background.
Click and hold down your shape tool again but this time choose your elipse tool, make sure fill pixels is selected in the toolbar at the top.

Choose a colour in your foreground then hold down the shift key and draw out a circle on your canvas (holding down shift gives you a perfect circle).
Select>Select All, Layers>Align Layers To Selection>Vertical Layers, Layers>Align Layers To Selection>Horizontal Layers.
Hold Ctrl and click once on the thumbnail of the circle on the layers palette, you should now see the matching ants around your shape.
Selections>Modify>Contract i contracted mine by 25 px (If you wanted your stitches outside your shape you would expand rather than contract)

Now we have to turn the selection into a path if you cant see your paths palette go to Window>Paths.
You now have 2 ways you can create a path, either click the little arrow to the side of your paths palette and choose the Make Work Path option or you can click the make work path from selection button at the bottom of your paths palette:

Either way you will end up with a path around your shape.

Layer>New Layer.
Hide your shape later at this point so you can see your stitching better.
Select your brush tool if you cant see your brush palette go to Window>Brushes.
Click the Brush Tip Shape option and find the brush we just created then choose a size and spacing
for your brush i used a tip size of 22px and spacing of 1000%

Now click the Shape Dynamics option and change the Control to Direction all other options here should be 0 or off.

Choose a colour in your foreground for your stitches then go back to your paths pallete and click
the Stroke Path With Brush button at the bottom:

Make your shape layer visible again and you should now see your stitches around your shape!!

You can now add some textures and shadowing to make your stitches more realistic.
You can make all different kinds of brushes for stitching and there is also lots of free ones online.

Please note that the brush size and space settings will always vary depending on what you are trying to
stitch around and what brush your using, you just have to keep playing around with the settings ti find something you like.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.