Selective Colouring In Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how add Selective Colour to a black and white image using a layer mask,
there are actually several ways to do this in photoshop , but I will show you the easiest way i know.
I am using PSCS3 but you could probably do this in most versions.

You will need an image, i am using this image of Skaithos in Greece feel free to save and use it for this tutorial.

Open the image you are using in photoshop, duplicate it by going to Image>Duplicate, then close the original.
Make sure you are on your top layer and then make it Black and White by going to Image>Adjustments>Desaturate.
Layer>Layer Mask>Reveal All.
You will now see in your layers palette there is the white thumbnail of the Mask:

Make sure the Mask is the active layer by checking if little black borders are around it.

Click on your Brush Tool, then go up to the Brush options:

If you are using a different image from me you might have to play with your brush settings to get them right.
Your foreground colour should already be black and background white because of the Mask Layer but if not
press D to reset them to default.
Now start brushing on the part of the layer you want to show in colour, i want the sea to be coloured so i
am brushing over that area, see what happens?

The coloured image underneath starts to appear! it looks as if you have erased parts of the top layer but you havent
they are only hidden so if you make a mistake and reveal too much of your bottom layer
just swap your foreground colour to white and paint it back in until your happy with your results.

Once your happy with the way your image looks just right click on the Mask Layer and choose Apply Mask then right click again and choose Merge Down.

Thats it!
This is my end result.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.