Creating A Flower In Photoshop

In this tutorial im going to show you one of the ways i know for creating a pretty flower in photoshop.

I am using photoshop cs3 but im sure you will be able to do this tutorial with other versions.

File>New, create a new image 1000x1000px, 300dpi with a transparent background.
Click and hold your Rectangular Marquee until the other options pop up and choose the Elliptical Marquee Tool:

Draw out an elipse section near the top of your canvas like below:

Choose 2 colours you like in the foreground and background.
Click and hold on the Paint Bucket tool until the Gradient Tool pops up then choose that.
On the Gradient Tool Bar at the top of the page click the arrow and choose the Foreground to Background Preset:

Click and drag downwards once inside your elipse selection, if you dont like the results go to Edit>Undo Gradient and keep trying until you get it looking the way you want it.

Select>Deselect, Layer>Duplicate Layer.

On your duplicate layer use the Burn and Dodge tool with a very soft brush to add some shadows and highlights, you can see below were the Dodge/Burn tool is, were the brush option is and were i have added them to my petal:

Reduce the opacity of the duplicate layer to about 50% then hold in Ctrl and click on the thumbnail of the petal in the layers palette to select it.
Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur set the Radius to 3.0 then click ok.
Select>Deselect, Layer>Merge Down, Edit>Transform>Warp.
Grab the corners of the bottom of the mesh and pull them inwards to create a petal shape:

Once your happy with your shape click your arrow tool to apply the warp.
Layer>Duplicate Layer, on the duplicate layer go to Edit>Transform>Rotate.
Rotate this layer and arrange it so it looks like something like below.

Continue to duplicate and rotate each layer until you get a nice looking flower.. you can have as much petals as you like.

Once your happy with your petals, right click on one of the layers and choose merge visible.
Layer>New Layer.
Select your elliptical marquee tool again and holding down shift draw out a circle selection for the centre of your flower
then use the paint bucket tool to fill with a colour of your choice.
Select>Deselect, Filter>Noise>Add Noise:

Amount - 4.00 %
Distribution - Uniform

Make sure Monochromatic is checked then press ok.

Filter>Texture>Mosaic Tiles:

Tile Size - 10
Grout Width - 2
Lighten Grout - 9

Press ok.

Layer>Layer Style>Inner Shadow with these settings:

Before you press ok click on the Drop Shadow option and give the flower centre a slight shadow.

Click ok then right click on that layer on the layers palette and Convert To Smart Object, then right click again and Rasterize Layer.

Make sure your centre looks like its in the middle of your flower (Its easier to do this manually as using the alignment tool might make it look wrong)

Layer>Merge Visible, Image>Trim:

Based On - Transparent Pixels
Trim Away - Check all 4 Boxes.

And thats it!

I hope you enjoyed my Tutorial.