Creating A Button In Photoshop
Creating a Button in photoshop.

In this tutorial i will show you how to create a basic button.

I am using photoshop cs3 but im sure you will be able to do it in other versions.

File>New, create a new image 500x500px, 300dpi with a transparent background.
Choose a colour for your button in the foreground.
Click and hold your Shape tool until the other options pop up then choose the Ellipse tool, make sure Fill Pixels is chosen in the toolbar at the top:

Hold down Shift and draw out a circle on your canvas (holding shift gives you a perfect circle)
Layer>New Layer.
Change your foreground colour to black.
Select your Ellipse tool again, holding shift draw out a small circle for the button holes.
Layer>Duplicate Layer, arrange your duplicated layer so the 2 small circles are side by side with a decent size gap between them.
Hold down Ctrl and click on both of the small circle layers.
Layers>Align>Align Vertical Layers, make sure your on the top layer then go to Layer>Merge Down.
Layer>Duplicate Layer and arrange the small circles so they look like button holes.
Layer>Merge Down
Hold down Ctrl and click on both your layers in the Layers Palette.
Layers>Align>Align Vertical Layers, Layers>Align>Align Horizontal Layers.
Hold down Ctrl again and click on the thumbnail of the top layer in the layers palette to select the small circles.
Click on the bottom layer, Edit>Cut, now you can delete your second layer as you dont need it any more.

Layer>Layer Style> Bevel And Emboss with these settings:

Before you press ok click on the inner glow option and use these settings:

Right click on your layer in the layers pallete and choose Convert To Smart Object, then right click again and choose Rasterize Layer.

Thats it!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.